Frequently Asked Questions

Tips For success

  • My network is small so I still don't seem to reach many people with my fundraising efforts. What can I do?
    A Charity Project was created for you. The power isn't found in you personally setting up a fundraiser and going it alone. The power is found in spreading that effort across many like-minded individuals. Ask your closest friends or supporters to create fundraising campaigns for your charity. Your network alone is small but together, your network is unbelievably large. This is taking advantage of social media at its best.
  • Do you have tips for creating a successful charitable organization on A Charity Project's site?

    Give as many details about your charity as possible as well as multiple ways for donors to contact you/verify your fundraiser is indeed you. For example, you may want to put your email address, your charity's website and/or blog. We have no way at A Charity Project to verify Charities, and so the more details you can give to donors about your legitimate identify, the better.

    Include the purpose of your charity, such as a mission statement.

    When you recruit people to set-up fundraisers, encourage them to copy all of this information to give donors a better idea of what the charity is about.

    Don’t get too specific about what you're raising money for on the Charity page. This will be the purpose of the fundraising page.

  • Do you have tips for creating a successful fundraiser on A Charity Project's site?

    Most Important Thing: Spread the word. Encourage people to spread the word via social networking. (for example: Give $15 and tell 15 people)

    Your charities details will be automatically included on your campaign page so try to follow their lead.

    If possible, be specific in what you are raising money for within said charity (i.e., digging a well, food program, medical supplies, new roof for an orphanage, etc)

    Set goals small and attainable. The purpose of this model isn't to fund the entire charity. It is simply to create a successful personal fundraiser for them.

    This is the model for a charity inspiring supporters to get involved and help them raise money. If you are an individual trying to raise money (for example, for an adoption fund), this model will still work if you could recruit loved ones to create campaigns.

Common Questions From Charity/Fundraiser Owners

  • My Paypal settings were incorrect so some of my donations are not showing up on A Charity Project. Is there a way to make them show up?

    From the your account management page, you will see a link on fundraisers that are setup for your charity if you are the charity owner. The link is titled "Confirm Unconfirmed Donations". Click this link and then follow the instructions on the page to confirm transactions that you've received for display on A Charity Project. A similar link can also be found on each charities home page where fundraisers are displayed.

    Charity owners will be required to enter in the transaction ID of the confirmation email they received from Paypal or from Paypal's payments portal in order for A Charity Project to confirm receipt of the donation.

  • I am receiving duplicate emails when donations are received from A Charity Project. Is there a bug in the website?
    When creating a new charity, many users are also creating the fundraiser using the same email address as they used when they set-up the charity. Both charities and fundraisers have an option to notify users via email when new donations are given therefore if the same email address is being used on both the fundraiser and charity and the "email new donation" checkbox is checked, then you will be notified for each email address on file.
  • How do I insert a picture onto the fundraiser or charity I am setting up?

    Note: We do not allow images to be uploaded to our servers so if you would like to include images in your description, just use the image URL and paste it into the editor using the icon shown below. Here is a link to see how to get the image URL to use.

  • I'd like to set-up a charity. Do I need some sort of approval?
    No. This website is a free tool at your disposal. Follow directions in How to Set Up a Charity, then set-up a fundraiser (and/or inspire others to), and begin sharing the link with friends and family. It is that simple.
  • I've set up a charity. Now what?
    Before you can begin receiving donations, you will need to set up a fundraising page (and perhaps ask others to do the same). All donations come through the fundraising campaign pages. Your charity will have a unique URL (i.e. assigned to it where new fundraising campaigns may be set-up.
  • I've set up a fundraiser. Now what?
    Shout to the world! Go and reach that goal! This is why A Charity Project was created. It allows supporters to leverage their own networks (and potentially special events in their lives) and raise funds for the charitable organizations or individuals they care about. You will receive a unique URL (i.e. to distribute to your network and from there, it's up to you and your friends.

Common Questions From Donors

  • Will my donation be tax exempt?
    A Charity Project is simply a tool for individuals and charities. We have no direct relationship with these charities or individuals and therefore have no way of knowing whether the charity is registered with the IRS as a tax exempt organization or not. These questions will need to be directed to charity owners as they will be the one facilitating the funds given and receipts for tax purposes.