How It Works

This website is meant to enable individuals or organizations to empower others who share a passion for their cause. As anyone raising funds knows, there are some that are very passionate about their cause yet are constrained by their own limited financial resources. They wish they could do more but don’t have tools readily available to get the word out. This website provides just that.

How It Works

We've tried to break this out into a few simple steps so you may better understand how this service works.

Intro - How this works behind the scenes

PayPal Web Payments Standard (WPS) works as follows:

  1. Customer clicks donate from within a charities fundraiser.
  2. A Charity Project automatically "packages up" the donation information and redirects the donor along with that information to a secure payment form at Paypal.
  3. Customer fills in credit card info on the Paypal site. The form already contains all of the information passed to it by A Charity Project so the customer only needs to enter the credit card details in the PayPal form.
    * Note: The customer may choose to create a PayPal account at checkout time depending on how you configured "Website Payment Preferences" in your PayPal account (see configuration steps below).
  4. Customer is either approved or denied by PayPal.
  5. Customer is manually or automatically redirected back to A Charity Project's website.
  6. The donation is updated appropriately when A Charity Project receives the IPN from PayPal.

Charity Setup

Step 1 – Paypal

  1. Signup for a PayPal account and get it verified. Note: Step 1 is now complete. The rest of the information below this step are optional changes you may make to improve the overall experience for your donors between A Charity Project's website and Paypal.
  2. (Optional) PayPal Configuration. There are a couple of settings you can change into Paypal to improve the experience for your donors between A Charity Project and Paypal. These are not required.
    • Auto-return will return the donor back to A Charity Project after their donation automatically from Paypal. If this is not turned on, the donor will simply need to click a button to return.
    • Charity owners may also turn off any requirements for a donor to have a paypal account setup in order to give. This simply makes the process a bit simpler for those donors who do not choose to have a paypal account.

Setting Up PayPal Auto Return and Making Paypal Account Optional

·  Try this link - OR - Click on "Website Preferences" under the "My Selling Tools" section.
·  Enable "Auto Return".
·  Set the "Return URL" to
·  Enable "Paypal Account Optional" (optional). This will make it so customers are not forced to create a PayPal account during checkout.
·  Save your settings.

·  Important Note: On this same page, you will see a "Block Non-encrypted Website Payment". This needs to be set to "Off" as it would require quite a bit more complex setup on the site. Ease of use is a key feature of our site so we've chosen not to implement this feature at this time.

These instructions are current at the time of publishing of this webpage. As Paypal expands, these instructions may become out of date. If that happens, please use the Paypal website to find out more information related to setting up your Paypal account for use with the A Charity Project website.

Step 2 – Charity Setup

An individual or organization should create a new charity. Under payment information, you will be asked to provide your Paypal email address. This is the mechanism that hooks up A Charity Project with your Paypal account. All donations will be sent to the corresponding Paypal email address you use here.

Note: We have no access to your Paypal account with this information. This information we are collecting is passed through to Paypal so they can route the money to your account. No money or account information passes through A Charity Project’s hands.

Step 3 – Advertise Your Charity

During setup of your charity, you will receive a URL that will be the homepage for your Charity on A Charity Project’s website. You should publicize this link in whatever way you feel is appropriate. This home page will enable individuals to setup fundraisers with their own individual goals and even individual fundraiser home pages.

For example, you have Charity A setup with a page on our site. You then have a fundraiser go setup a fundraiser for their birthday with a goal of $1000. They will also receive a page on our site for their specific fundraiser where people can help them achieve their goal while leaving birthday wishes, etc. while supporting a cause they care about.

Fundraising Campaign Setup

Step 1 – Fundraiser Campaign Setup

From a specific charity’s home page, individuals will have the opportunity to setup fundraiser campaigns. These fundraisers are a great opportunity for people to assist far beyond their own limited resources by leveraging the power of their networks and the love of those around them to raise money to change the world.

Step 2 – Advertise Your Fundraiser

During setup of your fundraiser, you will receive a URL that will be the homepage for your fundraiser on A Charity Project's website. You should publicize this link in whatever way you feel is appropriate. This home page will enable individuals to donate directly to the charity that you care so much about.